Ball Mills

In most cases, to obtain a product size below 150 microns; ball mills are used. In the ball mill the collision and attrition forces occurs. The grinding media as balls will create point contacts to each other and the material between the grinding media during the rotation process is either crushed or ground. Bigger size media has more crushing effect as well as smaller sizes better grinding effect. Rotation speed of the ball mill is also one of the factors changing the type of the most effecting force.

Grinding media distrubition in the mill can be determined by the material sizes of the input and the desired output.

Key figures to determine the mill sizing are the ore charactheristics, the feed size , desired product size, the capacity , grinding circuit type. We are glad to work together with our clients for the optimised dimensioning of the requested ball mill.

In most wet process ball mills, the mill is lined with rubber lining which is lox cost in the investment and also the easy handling for replacement. But for sure the durabilty can not be compared with the steel lining. The decision of the lining type to be used is mostly a choice of the client. Also client has always has the right to have his own lining and we are ready to supply the mill without the lining. The lining operation can be done on site.

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