Helical Gear Units

We produce helical geared parallel shaft gearboxes that are designed for various heavy industry applications, with high torque and efficiency characteristics. The gears are manufactured with forged, then heat treated steel, with the teeth profiles then grinded. We use heavy duty bearings in the gearbox. In addition to our standard type gearboxes, we have expanded our product range with high performance monoblock gearboxes.
Design Types;
  • Single or Multi Stage
  • Foot or hollow shaft mounted with torque arm
  • Solid or hollow output shaft

Monoblock Series:

Monoblock gearboxes are the latest products added to our product range. They boast a long service life, high efficiency, a high power capacity and the ability of various assembly positions.
Rated power range                      :  3,7 kW – 1.255 kW
Maximum rated torque       : 660.000 Nm
Ratio range (i)                               : 6,3  – 450
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Standard Series:

Rated power range                      :  1 kW – 3.000 kW
Maximum rated torque       : 800.000 Nm
Ratio range (i)                               : 1,25  – 500
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