Special Gearboxes

Especially preferred for heavy-industry applications, these gearboxes are manufactured based on specific customer demands. We meet our customers needs and demands by following specific requests such as design specifications, outer dimensions, input and output diameters.  .
Design Types;
  • Foot or hollow shaft mounted with torque arm
  • Solid or hollow output shaft
  • Applications with interlock and brake systems
Rated power range              :  1 kW – 10.000 kW
Maximum momentum           :  1.500 kNm
Application types;
  • Rolling Mill Gearboxes
Designed for heavy duty operating conditions. We produce vertical and horizontal Rolling mill gearboxes for steel mills.
  • Crane Duty Gearboxes
We manufacture crane driving and crane lifting gearboxes.
  • Mill Gearboxe applications
Especially for cement, mining and ceramic industries, we have several applications and products for mill drive units, mill drive main gearboxes, vertical mill gearboxes and mill auxiliary drive gearboxes.
  • Conveyor Gearboxes
We produce conveyor drive units and parallel shaft or bewel gear gearboxes for conveyor applications.
  • Elevator Gearboxes
We produce gearboxes especially suitable for elevator drive units and for elevators in cement factories.
  • Extruder Gearboxes
Extruder gearbox production is produced for the plastic industry with a high power capacity and special designs.