Continuous Feeding

Automatic continuous feeding systems are used together with continuous ball mills. Depending on the process, solid or liquid deflocculant feeding systems may be implemented. Continuous and proper production is ensured with automatic feeding systems that minimize potential errors that can be caused by human operators.
Weighing belts are specially designed for precise weighing, together with a pneumatic system for controlling the belt tension and all the necessary security measures. High efficiency production is obtained thanks to easy calibration and long durability.
Hard and plastic raw materials are transferred to the mill feeding silo with conveyor systems. With an extractor belt feeder and vibrating feeder the material from the silo is fed to the ball mill precisely. No abrasion occurs on the vibrating feeder as the movement is obtained effortlessly. Automatically dosed water and deflocculants are fed through the connection to the vibro channel, which allows the entire recipe to be dosed automatically into the ball mill.