Continuous Mills

Continuous grinding systems are designed for minimum labor costs and lower energy consumptions by means of continuous production with the continuous automatic feeding of raw material, water and deflocculant into the system together.
There are 3 types of continuous ball mills for ceramics industry
  1. Continuous cylindrical mills
  2. Continuous conical mills
  3. Inline continuous mills
Common traits of continuous mills;
  • Increased mill shell thickness
  • Special forged flange with increased thickness
  • Complete heat treatment after welding
  • Inlet & outlet trunnions casted design
  • Uniquely machined in single fixing operation by CNC controlled lathe
  • Heavy duty type mill main bearings
  • Outlet bearing housing designed as floating bearing to compensate the thermal expansions
  • Increased sealings for better maintenance
  • Automatic bearing lubrication system
  • Heavy duty type drive systems
  • V-Belts area are specially machined
  • Fully automated control system
  • Drive units  together with frequency inverter