Feeding Systems

There are different alternatives for ball mill feeding systems according to different processes.
The most common method used in the body preparation industry for feeding batch mills is box feeders.
Raw materials are being fed to the box feeder according to the recipe under the control of the operator. Box feeder display unit shows the loaded amount for each raw material as well as the remaining load. 
Batch ball mills can also be fed with automatic feeding systems in order to avoid mistakes can be caused by operators. Each raw material is dosed according to the recipe with weighing belts under raw material silos automatically than transferred with the automated control system to the desired batch mill.
In the continuous ball mill systems, automatic continuous feeding systems are used and also depending on the process and customer demands, solid or liquid deflocculant feeding systems are used. Continuous and proper production is provided with the automatic feeding systems by means of minimizing the mistakes that can be caused of labor force.